How It Works

Group Purchasing 101

Group purchasing organizations (GPOs) are designed to enable groups of independent customers, like charter schools, to combine their purchasing power to negotiate discounts with vendors. GPO members have access to these deals and can purchase the same way they always have, only at a lower cost. Learn how you can easily take advantage of the BuyQ group purchasing program to benefit your school.

Access Your BuyQ Benefits

If you are responsible for your charter school’s purchasing decisions, becoming a BuyQ purchaser is one of the smartest things you can do to make the most of your time and budget.

Start benefiting today in three easy steps:


Register to become a BuyQ Member


Find vendors that fit your purchasing needs

  • Browse vendors to learn about the benefits of each contract
  • Follow the directions provided to affiliate to the vendor contracts you’d like to use
  • Affiliation processes vary by vendor


Purchase items at a discounted rate and with value-added buying options

Purchase directly from vendors as you always have, only now enjoy pre-negotiated savings and other charter-specific benefits.